Friday, December 24, 2010

5 Photoshop photo-effects actions (free download)

Today I've created for you 5 photoshop actions.
An action is a Photoshop feature that allows to record every step you're doing while editing a photo for example.
Having this action recorded you can then open a new image, press the "play" button for that action and all the recorded steps will be applied for this image.
The actions I've made are:





To use the actions I've created you must:
1. Download them from HERE.
2. Open the picture you want to edit in a photoshop document.
3. Open Window->Actions (ALT+F9).
4. Use the "Load Actions..." option from the Actions window.

5. From that browse menu point to the location of the previous downloaded action list.
6. Make sure the layer with your image is selected and then choose an action from the "tips4design" action list and press the play button.

- I've used Photoshop CS5 for creating this actions, I hope you'll have no problem using these in other Photoshop versions.

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