Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exploring Windows 7 Versions

Hi Folks! hope u all are fine.This is my first blog post after thinking so much i atlast come to result that i should make the post in which my reader's common problem should be solve. These days i noticed that where ever iam going. My friends, collegues are asking to me the same question. The question is:

"How Many Windows 7 Editions Microsoft Launched???"

This is quite common question these days. so iam giving the answer of this question briefly in the following lines.

The Windows 7 operating system comes in multiple editions. you will sometimes see these editions referred to as Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Microsoft targets specifics editions at different usage scenarios, providing cheaper editions to customers who do no want all the features available in a more expensive edition. You may also need to provide guidance to family and friends as to which edition of Windows 7 best meets their needs. There are six different Windows 7 editions:

Home Basic
Home Premium

I hope you all now cleared that there are SIX different editions Microsoft Launched.

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