Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Monitor Your Website Server Uptime

If you have a website or blog which you host on your own server/VPS/shared hosting accounts, here’s a small tip for you.

Even the best servers go down sometimes and most shared hosting accounts have a lot of downtime, despite what they may claim.

If your site goes down, you not only lose out on website traffic but also ad revenue. Now, you can’t manually keep checking your site all the time to check for downtime, so here are a few services you may use to monitor your site uptime/downtime/availability for free.


You can use Pingdom to monitor your site for free. In case there is any downtime, the site can alert you by email or SMS. You can set the service to check your site at specific intervals. It’s free for a single site but you will have to pay if you want to monitor multiple sites on a single account. It also offers uptime reports and multiple check locations.

Host Tracker

This website monitoring service allows you to monitor 2 websites for free but again, it has a 30 minute check interval. It also offers uptime reports and some detailed statistics.

Site Uptime

This is another good service for checking your site’s uptime/downtime. It’s free for a single site and offers site statistics, uptime reports but checks your site only once in 30 minutes for free accounts.

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