Monday, February 28, 2011

Convert Your Wall Power Outlet to a USB Charger

I can't tell you how many times we have come across USB chargers that can be plugged into an outlet, so why not cut out the middleman and simply convert the outlet to USB?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Intel technology inside new MacBook Pros

Apple's new MacBook Pros, expected to be announced tomorrow, use a copious helping of Intel technology--and even throw in a dose of silicon from Advanced Micro Devices, CNET has learned.
Thunderbolt: First things first. Intel's Light Peak technology (which Apple had a hand in implementing) has been renamed Thunderbolt, according to an industry source familiar with Apple's MacBook Pro rollout. In short, Thunderbolt is the official brand for the technology that had been codenamed Light Peak. This manifests itself in the form of a Thunderbolt connector on the new MacBooks....

If I Were Steve Jobs and Had Six Weeks to Live

Knowing when your time will end could be a curse or it could be an opportunity to do things that you'd never have done had you lived longer...

WinPho 7 Update Gives Some Phones Fatal Brain Spasm

Users of certain Samsung phones running the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system have complained that a recent software update issued by...

Nokia and Microsoft: Economics, risks of a 2-year transition to Windows Phone 7

For today, the focus of the Microsoft and Nokia partnership revolves around smartphones, Windows Phone 7 and an app ecosystem, but the economics of the pact will soon move to the front. The biggest unknown is whether Nokia can endure a two-year transition to Windows Phone 7 devices in a mobile world evolving so quickly.
In many respects, the Microsoft-Nokia partnership is similar to the search pact the software giant has with Yahoo. Microsoft pays for share and the partner can focus, cut research and development spending and lay off employees to become more efficient.....