Friday, March 25, 2011

Applying Microsoft SDL Implementation Practices within Windows Azure

Applying Microsoft SDL Implementation Practices within Windows Azure

In this video, Peter Oehlert, Senior Security Consultant, iSEC Partners, explains how the Implementation phase of the Microsoft SDL applies to building Windows Azure application. He starts first by defining both the similarities and key differences betwe

Configuring a Virtual Environment

Course 6321: Configuring a Virtual Environment
This two-hour online course provides IT professionals with knowledge about the tools used for configuring a virtual environment. These tools include virtual network, virtual hard disks, and virtual machines. This knowledge helps you gain the skills necessary for setting up a virtual environment.

Topics covered in the course include:
Steps to create a virtual network
Steps to create a virtual hard disk
Steps to create a virtual machine

This course helps you prepare for exam 70-652 TS: Wi...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

8 Interesting Content Management Systems For E-Commerce Websites

If you want to open an e-commerce website can be useful to take a look at this list with eigth interesting Content Management System which can help you to reduce your programming effort for developing e-commerce projects. If you know other products or have some opinion about this CMS please add a comment, thanks!

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Yahoo And Bing

How to submit blogger sitemap to different search engines.I hope most of us have done it with there blogs but most still would be not knowing on how to do it.But this post is for all bloggers even if they have submitted there sitemaps as i would share some method to remove some errors while you are getting in indexing all blog posts in search engines.

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google.

Check This Car Turned Into A Portable Board Room

Now that’s tech! Tuning company Brabus has packed enough gear on this Mercedes-Benz S600 to make Steve Jobs proud. The Brabus iBusiness is equipped with two iPads with Bluetooth keyboards, a slim Mac Mini under the rear shelf and a 64GB iPod touch.

The Mini uses a 15.2 inch display with 2 USB ports at the rear for your other gadgets so they can sync to your carputer.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Keypad Protected USB Hard Drive

The Aegis Padlock is an external USB hard drive that is protected PIN number that you punch into the built in keypad. No software installs are required to setup your AES encrypted PIN numbers.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Samsung's New Ultra Slim 30-Nanometer Flash Memory Chips Will Cause Gadget Shrinkage

With stacks of eight being only 0.6mm thick, Samsung's new 30-nanometer NAND chips are practically anorexic, but for once that's a good thing. Thinner chips like these could bring smaller gadgets and hopefully also lead to lower SSD prices.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

C# Coding Standards and Best Programming Practices


Anybody can write code! And with a few months of programming experience, you can write 'working applications'. Making it work is easy, but doing it the most efficient way requires more work, than just making it work!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Obaku V140G - World’s Slimmest Watch 2011

Obaku V140G sports watch at BaselWorld 2011. It claims to be probably the slimmest sports watch in the world. Obaku, is based on the fusion of the Japanese Zen philosophy with the clean lines from Danish design traditions.Well, the mixture of clean, Danish design with a sporty sense is visible even in the least details of this timepiece. Designer of this latest watch is Denmark-based Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengaard Ruge.

Samsung Series 9 - Super Design Notebook

Samsung Series 9 - Super Design Notebook

Samsung Notebook Series 9 in Korea which is supposed to set neck-to-neck in contest with Apple’s MacBook Air. It comes with finest design and features.It is equipped with i5 processor, 13.3-inch HD LED-backlit SuperBright Plus display, 7 hours of battery life, Intel HD GT2 Integrated Graphics, 4GB DDR3 memory, built-in WiMax and many more.Samsung is a well famous company for making gadgets now this latest Notebook Series 9 is excellent.

Navisurfer II Ubuntu Linux - Car PC System

Navisurfer II Ubuntu Linux - Car PC System

Navisurfer II Ubuntu Linux in Car PC System will facilitates you to surf the web and play on your PC even as in the car.It is powered by a 1300 MHz (Intel Celeron M) processor with 2GB DDR2 memory and has a 250GB hard drive for storage. other feature includes 3 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x Mic-in, 2 x PS2 ports, 1 x Line-in, 1 x Line-out, 1 x Serial port, 2 x DC 12V input, 2 x AV-in, and 1 x Rear View Camera and weighs 1.9 kg / 3.52 lbs, measuring : 178cm x 179cm x 100mm.