Sunday, March 20, 2011

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Yahoo And Bing

How to submit blogger sitemap to different search engines.I hope most of us have done it with there blogs but most still would be not knowing on how to do it.But this post is for all bloggers even if they have submitted there sitemaps as i would share some method to remove some errors while you are getting in indexing all blog posts in search engines.

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google.

Follow the simple steps to add blogger blog to Webmaster Tools

1. Login to Blogger Dashboard.
2. At the end of the page, under Tools and Resources box – Click on Webmaster Tools.You will Be asked To Enable Webmaster Tool Enable It.
3. If asked, enter username and password again to Login.
4. After Logging in Click Add A site Button.

5.Now Enter Your Blog Address And Continue.Dont Forget To Include '/' At the end of your blog address.Like this .
6.Now you will be asked to verify your blog Just verify it as they say.

7. Inside Webmaster tools, click on Submit a Sitemap and add the following code :


8. If you have more than 200 posts then replace value 100 by something bigger number like 500.If they are more than 500 then add sitemaps in this format.
As Labnol has developed the tool for it also. Just visit the tool page here to get submit blogger map to google yahoo and bing also.

I hope you will do it easily now.If you still have any problems let me know in through emailing me.I will try to solve them.

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