Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Link Data to Another Spreadsheet in Excel

If you want to use different spreadsheet files to keep your data updated, try linking cells of one spreadsheet to another spreadsheet. When you do this, your data will be update into second spreadsheet everytime whenever you make any changes in your first spreadsheet. You also link a Word file to an Excel file.

1. Open the Excel program in the usual way. Select and open the 2 files you want to link (at the same time).
2. Select the cells you want to link in the source document. Changes you make in the source data will automatically update in the destination document.
3. Go to the formula bar and type the equal sign ("="). Key in the worksheet name and cell addresses you are using for the selected source file cell. An example of this is: "=[EBAY Bookkeeping.xls]Sheet1'!$C$7." What you have here is the equal sign, name of the file, name of the worksheet, and the name of the cells you are importing. The "!" references the cell address that you want to display.

4. Realize that this will give you the ability to link the 2 spreadsheets together through the 1 cell. See the Resources section below to pull up a document that shows you how to link data in Word to an Excel worksheet.

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