Monday, May 2, 2011

Privacy concerns with wireless devices

(WTNH) - When you use your iPhone is your privacy at stake? Is your smartphone tracking your every move? Members of Congress, including Senator Richard Blumenthal, are demanding some answers.

Senator Blumenthal sits on the internet subcommittee of the judiciary dealing with privacy and tech related issues. When it comes to the iPhone, privacy watchdog groups claim Apple is tracking user locations and then storing the unencrypted information on the phone

"I am deeply concerned about the privacy of logging and storing this information by apple and by a number of other similar companies that may have serious implications not only for privacy but for security," Blumenthal said.

Investigators reported that iPhones and many 3G iPads logged up to 100 locations entries daily and that information is then backed up on a synching computer. Security experts are concerned if the data is unencrypted it's easily accessible so if the phone or tablet is lost or stolen it opens up the chance for the information to be abused by criminals

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