Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Secure Your Data from Skype for Android

Security experts warn users that Skype for Android app can place their sensitive data in danger. It could also expose other apps installed in the smartphone. At the moment Skype is working on a solution but users of the app should know how to secure their data.

The flaw in the Skype for Android app was uncovered by Justin Case, who created Skypwned to demonstrate how easy it is to access personal information like owner’s full name, email addresses, phone number, contacts, and Skype chat logs. It can be done without knowing the username of the Android owner.

The data breach is not due to a vulnerability or flaw in the code of the Skype for Android app but is blamed on poor security configuration. The app exposes the data because of poor programming. It is important that user data stored are encrypted.

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