Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why CMS is so important in web design

If you have an online business or you plan to have one, then you know that the success of your site greatly depends on your site's popularity. How do websites gain popularity? You can get more traffic by creating great content. Content is everything when it comes to website popularity! A flow of fresh and informative content is in demand by many online businesses, companies, organizations and individuals. The problem lies in managing the content as well as the design aspects of your site. To do this, you should opt for a CMS-based site.

Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easy to control the content on your site. You can manage your content very quickly and do so without hiring a programmer or a webmaster. Design elements can also be changed since all you have to do is change the templates. The following are the advantages of using a CMS for your web design:

Saves time - Rather than go to your FTP to upload a new page, you can simply login to the interface and post your content there. Web site design changes can also be made in the same fashion as you can change on template to update all your pages.

Strong community - With so many CMS enthusiasts, open source plug-ins are being created every day. The most well known platforms are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Each platform has websites that release free plug-ins you can use to make publishing easier, get more traffic, and make more sales. uses the new Adobe powered CMS. We believe this new CMS is much more powerful and has more potential than all the other platforms. It also uses no plug-ins since everything is integrated into the system.

Easy data storage and retrieval - Since the content and data are stored in a database, saving the important details is easy. All you have to do is export the data if you want added security.

Scheduled content publication - Publishing content used to be done manually in static websites. With a CMS, it is possible to trace what is being published, set a schedule for content to be published, and you can even automatically remove outdated content.

Easier to change design elements - Rather than going through a lot of HTML code, you can simply change different parts of the site with templates. You can change the header, footer, sidebar, and add widgets very quickly. There are even plug-ins that allow you to edit the web site design elements by pointing and clicking various templates.

In summary, CMS offers so many benefits to online marketers. Content publishing and web design is made so much easier and the fact there is a strong community for popular CMS platforms is all the more reason to change to a content management system. You'll even be able to find plug-ins to help you monetize your site, connect with social networks, allow visitors to communicate, and so much more.

The challenge now is what CMS to use. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. They also have different features and customization options. The best way to make a clear decision is try out different platforms and see which ones suit you best. You can also visit forums to read reviews and talk with other webmaster and see how they're using a particular CMS. Look at their design elements and talk to webmasters who have sites similar to what you're going for. And of course, you can speak with a web design professional and see what they think. I advise people all the time on what CMS will suit them the best.


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